Humanity Vol. III

by I-Exist

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Dana Gordon
Independent Music Media or #213.864.2690

All songs written and performed by I-Exist

Recorded by Brian "Bone" Thorburn @ Threshold Studios, Indianapolis IN

Produced by Brian "Bone" Thorburn and I-Exist


released September 15, 2012



all rights reserved


I-Exist Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: When Dreams Fall Apart

I'm living in a world thats dying
I feel the breath of their words
It's fogging up a sky thats falling
I wouldn't breathe if I could
They swear to God that the sun's exploding
And hide deep within the ground
Pulling me into a mass of doubting
With fear orbiting around

You keep wondering
If I'll be able to follow my heart
As if by wandering
We are disabled
And dreams fall apart
You keep warning me
It's all impossible
It's all been done before
Just let it go
But there's a part of me holding within
When dreams fall apart

You hate on everything I love
Do everthing I can
Somehow it's not enough for you
I wonder if you tell yourself the same thing too

I will persist
I won't dissolve
I will forgive
It's not your fault
You'll never dream
You'll never learn
Now is the time
You let it burn
Track Name: Destructionism

This is where it all comes crashing down
The bricks and lies have built inside
Shake the mind
Demolishing destroyer
Such self destruction rings a sound
It's all around
Delusion was a siren
A cloud
For survivals sake

But now nothing is in my way
Because I'm fading

I will rise
And I will burn
I will bury down
When it's my turn
Ive come to accept
That it's all in my head
With no fear of death or remorse
No regret
I face it all
Embracing the fall

I kick the dust
From the ground
It's moving now
Flow into me
As the passing particles that were forgotten of the dead
Search inside for nutrients
Bond and spread
How they somehow know to breed possibility
From remnants of the passed
The body comes to be

It's over
And over

Accept the life that ends tonight
And live for today
Track Name: Dark Of The Night

Following your feet
Following the hollow space
Where you'll never be
It's opening
Into the death of who we are

I can't close my eyes
If they don't open
Vision is a disguise
For those unbroken

In the dark of the night
I'll forever be
Lost at home
In the open
So alone
I wonder will I ever find
A dawning star
Or have I shined
For the last time

I'd fly like a bird
And eradicate
All that would gravitate
But I'm blind
To the world
And can't seem to differentiate
From up and down
No sense of where I'm now

I can't see the light at the end of a road
That's never ending
Holding onto hope just isn't helping so
I let it go

The space surrounding speaks
Casting an audible shadow
Screaming truth into vowel
The song of my definitive fear
The glowing unravel